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Training Disclaimer

While we have taken every effort to ensure all content on this website is correct, the Japan Karate Association England (JKA Europe W/F) cannot accept any responsibility for accident or injury caused through misinterpretation of its contents.

Karate is physically demanding and can be dangerous if done improperly. As a martial art and semi-contact sport, minor injuries (such as bruising or blisters) are inevitable and participants may expect to receive them from time to time in the course of normal training. As with any programme of strenuous exercise, it is recommended that a person with any existing injury/illness, or in any doubt as to the risks, should consult their physician/doctor for advice before commencing training.

The JKA Europe W/F is committed to maintaining an extremely high level of training and to looking after the welfare of its members; however the responsibility falls on the individual member to know their own limitations and to practice Karate responsibly.

Members are obliged to report any existing/new injuries and illnesses to their instructor or event administrator prior to training. Whilst the JKA Europe W/F and its instructors will ensure that all reasonable precautions to minimise the potential for injury are taken, they cannot be held liable for personal injury sustained by any member during training or competition.

You are urged to use this website for information purposes only and to seek regular training with a qualified instructor.

We cannot also accept responsibility for any valuables that are lost or stolen at any of the events organised by the JKA Europe W/F. Please keep any valuable items at home.

Image Capture

The policy of the JKA Europe W/F is that the rights of individuals and groups should not be jeopardised by any JKA Europe W/F activity or event. The JKA Europe W/F further recognises its responsibilities towards children and young people.

Images may be captured during events organised and hosted by the JKA Europe W/F using film photography, digital photography, video or other medium and may be used on the JKA Europe W/F Website, brochures, other publicity material (such as internal and external newsletters) and may be provided to the media for publication in local or national newspapers or educational or sporting magazines.

The JKA Europe W/F acknowledges its responsibilities in capturing images by photography or other means under the provisions of the following legislation such as The Children and Young Persons Act 1963; The Protection of Children Act 1978; The Human Rights Act 1998; and The Data Protection Act 1998.

In this context the JKA Europe W/F informs all persons taking part in JKA Europe W/F activities and events that they may be photographed, filmed, videoed or otherwise captured in image form.

Where possible and practical to do so, the JKA Europe W/F seeks written consent to image capture. Where this is not possible for practical reasons, unless express objections are received, individuals attending a JKA Europe W/F event are deemed to have given their consent by attending or remaining at the event.

Any queries or complaints should be raised with the event host in the first instance.