The Japan Karate Association (JKA) is the largest and oldest Shotokan Karate organisation in the world, with member organisations in over 100 countries across all continents across the world. Under a world federation (W/F) of global membership countries, JKA Europe W/F represents the interests of JKA member countries throughout Europe.

Membership countries

History & Purpose

JKA WF / EUROPE will develop and govern JKA Karate in the proper way by promoting and strengthening friendly cohesion between its members in all European countries and will achieve the advancement by teaching in Europe of traditional JKA Karate as martial art and educational method as taught by the great Masters Gichin FUNAKOSHI and Masatoshi NAKAYAMA.

JKA WF / EUROPE will be the technical and administrative link between the European practitioners, through the technical responsible of their country that practices JKA Karate and the JKA World Federation and JKA Headquarters.


During the inauguration of Sugiura Sensei as Chief Instructor of the Gifu (Japan) in 1991, Enoeda Sensei and Miyazaki Sensei took the initiative to start with the organization of JKA in Europe in order to protect and maintain the remaining JKA group and to find again our identity in starting JKA Europe.

1993 Foundation meeting of JKA/WF Europe in Brussels started by Miyazaki Sensei (shortly afterwards, Miyazaki Sensei passed away in the same year).

1994 Guidelines and the Constitution of JKA Europe were prepared and the creation of JKA WF (Philadelphia) were established.

1995 Constitution of JKA Europe was accepted.

1996 First JKA Cup in Belgium followed by the Shoto World Cup in Osaka (Japan) where it was established that each country is unit, the acceptance of representative continents, and the acceptance of JKA Europe W/F.

Two representatives for JKA Europe W/F were appointed - Enoeda Sensei and Ochi Sensei.

1997 - Acceptance of co-operation between JKA Europe and JKA Headquarters, notably; Structure of JKA Europe; Country structure and guidelines; Acceptance of rules of approval or rejection of Membership; Making up rankings of the countries to pay the affiliation fee to JKA/WF. In this same year there was the first JKA Headquarters Technical course in Denmark.

1998 - Philadelphia : JKA WF constitution is prepared followed by the JKA World Shoto Cup in Paris : during the congress this constitution was presented.

1999 - London: the first JKA/WF Europe Seminar in Europe was organized in the presence of two representatives from JKA Headquarters (Ueki Sensei and Mori Sensei). First time that JKA licence for instructor, examiner and judge was given out of Japan.

2000 - International meeting in Tokyo : reconfirmation of the constitution that JKA WF is a World Federation with five regions. These regions are self-governing bodies were the country is a basic unit. Second JKA/WF Europe Seminar in London with the JKA Shoto World Cup in Tokyo later in the year.

2001 - Official JKA / WF regulations are accepted and applied establishing the principle of each country, one organization. Regions also became self governing and qualification test are allowed in the regions.

2002 - JKA WF accept 4 people in Europe who are qualified as examiner in their country for shodan.

2003 - Enoeda Sensei passes away. New JKA Europe committee with Ochi Sensei and Mr Bura as representatives for JKA/WF Europe.

2004 - Acceptation of Ochi Sensei and Mr Bura as representatives of JKA Europe inside JKA WF. Renewal of special licence of examiner until sandan.

Past JKA Europe W/F European Championships

1996 – Gent Belgium
1997 – Bochum – Germany
1998 – Boulogne Sur-Mer – France
1999 – Prauge – Czech Republic
2000 – Geleen – Netherlands
2001 – Tampere – Finland
2002 – Malmo – Sweden
2003 – Budapest – Hungary
2004 – Belgrade – Serbia
2005 – Bergen – Norway
2006 – Konstanz – Germany
2007 – Šiauliai – Lithuania
2008 – Belgrade – Serboa
2009 – Maastricht – Netherlands
2010 – Bochum – Germany
2011 – Crawley – England
2012 – Prague – Czech Republic
2013 – Konstanz – Germany
2014 – Kortrijk – Belgium
2015 – Prague – Czech Republic
2016 – Dublin – Ireland
2017 – Sittard – Netherlands


JKA/WF Europe is an organization that is composed of the official national JKA organizatons in Europe. JKA/WF Europe authorises only one representative national JKA organization per country.
The internal organization of JKA WF / EUROPE is as following :

1. Representatives
Each region has two representatives in the JKA World Federation.
The two representatives for the JKA/WF Europe are : OCHI Hideo and BURA Jörgen.

2. Chief Instructor
The Chief Instructor shall be from the highest ranked the oldest member of the Shihan Kai.

3. Officers (Shihankai)

4. Members
The members of JKA/WF are the national official JKA organization recognised by the JKA/WF Europe.

5. Constitution
The constitution of JKA/WF Europe is reduced to some basic rules.

  1. JKA WF/Europe will recognize only one JKA organization per country.
  2. The National Chief Instructor will have all the deciding power in his country.
  3. JKA WF/Europe will not allow other JKA instructor to interfere in the country's affairs by any way, technical or political.
  4. JKA WF/Europe will not allow other JKA instructor to teach or give an examination in another country, without the country's Chief Instructors permission.
  5. JKA WF/Europe will not allow other JKA instructor to teach or give an examination to a person from another country without the permission of the country's Chief Instructor of that person.

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